Meet Our Vehicles

Since 2010, Antasena ITS Team has been doing research and development for hydrogen vehicles. On this journey, the team have learned a lot of lessons that helps us to develop more. Stay with us to follow our vehicles evolution and team journey!

Antasena Hydra

After years of research, hard work, and doing continuous evaluation from our previous experiences, finally Antasena ITS Team can proudly presents, our newest vehicle Antasena HYDRA!

The process of making Antasena HYDRA gave us a lot of lessons and sharpened our teamwork. We believe that the future awaits!

Antasena FCH

In 2019, we build Antasena FCH as our third Urban Car and we manage to take part in our first participation in Urban Car Category in SEM Asia 2019 Malaysia and win numerous of prize and get qualified further in SEM Europe 2019 in London.

Antasena BDV 1.0

Antasena BDV 1.0 was the first car that able to run in a race at KMHE 2018 (Padang) and won the second runner up place.

Antasena Orion

After a long journey through the making of prototype cars, finally the team made its first urban body which had an electric motor driven called Antasena ORION.

Antasena PEV

Antasena PEV was the third prototype car in Antasena. Made as a modification for Antasena 1 to rise up by delve deeper into fuel cell research as well with the intention of tackling the existing fuel cell leaks.

Antasena PX

After our adventurous journey in our first participation in SEM Asia back in 2012. We learned and develop a new car named "Antasena PX" to participate further in SEM Asia 2014 in manila

Antasena First

The team started their journey by entering Shell Eco Marathon Asia for the first time in 2012, representing Indonesia with enthusiasm and preparations. The experiences and obstacles have taught the team many valuable lessons.