Greeting to all Hydrogen Enthusiast!

Antasena ITS Team was founded in 2010 with a clear vision of making Indonesia to become world's centers of excellence for hydrogen by becoming one of the leading producers of hydrogen-renewable energy research and promoting a sustainable future by building the world’s most efficient hydrogen-powered car.

The main goal of Antasena ITS Team is to prepare future engineers who are ready to overcome world's challenges.

General Manager Antasena 2023

Meet our teams

We are currently developing a new hydrogen vehicle to achieve a better future. Our innovation is to build and design efficient hydrogen cars, and hope that we will not only strive to win awards.

Technical Division

Technical division in Antasena ITS Team is focusing on the development and production of the vehicle. The technical division can always be seen working at the workshop, developing the most outstanding hydrogen vehicle you would ever see!

Science & Technology Research Development Division

Doing research on renewable energy development that focuses on the utilization of Hydrogen to improve and develop the performance of Antasena hydrogen car

Operation & Finance Division

Operation & Finance division makes sure that each person of the team has their equipment needs fulfilled by finding sponsors, doing financial recapitulation, and managing the team financial flow. The team has their full trust for this division

Communication Division

Communication is key, whether in life, work, relationships, or any other aspect of life. Here in Antasena ITS Team, the communication division is responsible for managing the team’s social media, creating and handling various event, maintaining team’s website, and creating design equipment for the team