Welcome Hydrogen Enthusiast!

Antasena ITS Team was founded in 2010 to make Indonesia a global hydrogen technology center. We aim to be at the forefront of hydrogen renewable energy research and drive sustainability by creating the world's most efficient hydrogen-powered vehicles.

Our main goal is to prepare future engineers to tackle global challenges effectively.

Raihan Nafi
General Manager Antasena 2024

Meet our teams

Fueled by the desire for innovation and a sustainable future, we're building a groundbreaking hydrogen vehicle. While achieving recognition is an honor, our true goal is to create efficient hydrogen cars that have a lasting positive impact.

Technical Division

These are the engineers and technicians who design and build the cars. You can always find them in the workshop, putting their skills to work!

Farhan Reza Vio Andhika Yoel Timmy Hazik Arsa Richard Dafa Hisyam Fahmi Afif Rafi Afwa Wildan Yusuf Barra

Science & Technology Research Development Division

The team researches renewable energy, especially how to use hydrogen to make the Antasena car faster and more efficient

Dimas Amel Salsa Enggar Tobi Tiara Bima

Operation & Finance Division

They ensure the team has the equipment they need to do their jobs. They find sponsors, keep track of the team's finances, and ensure everyone has what they need. Everyone trusts them to keep the team running smoothly!

Henry Caren Sita Devi Zila Rafi Maulana Aura Ariq

Communication Division

These team members tell the world about Antasena's work. They manage social media, plan events, maintain the team website, and create incredible designs to showcase the project.

Safitri Andra Ayu Riza Jauhar Sabrina Vanka Rafif Iqbal Aline Theresa Rafi